What is Yo Swift!

Who we are

Yo Swift is an online company that helps you access your funds and Rewards from Third parties like Paypal and skrill directly to your wallet! We Heard your cry, we know your pain. It can be hard getting funds withdrawn in some countries.  But Yo! Stress no more. Simply swift it with Yo. Less paper work, more fun. 

We help you receive those funds, save them and use them whenever you are ready. Transfer funds from one Yo swift account to another within seconds. No Pending times. No rocket science. That's why we are Yo Swift Bro!

It can be hard opening up accounts for some Hardworking Individuals like Freelancers and linking Paypal brabra..... At Yo swift, we do think skills don't require documentation. 
Here is the good news, Have funds in your paypal, swift it to your Mobile wallet now!

Rewards Program.
Yo swift partners with different apps around the world and helps you redeem and withdraw your rewards to your mobile. We help you get cash from apps you are using.